Monday, December 5, 2011

The Story I've Been Writing

I've been writing a story on my spare time . Its about a girl that wants to run XC , but has never ran a race in her life . She joins anyway and gets laughed at . No one thinks she will ever amount to anything . In , Junior year she was barely able to run a mile without walking . After being just a thrower in track and field , she really gets commited to running when she figures out her uncle ( her favorite person in the world ) did XC. She starts by pushing herself by not walking when she runs a mile . She does that for about a week , she starts getting used to it and adds more and more miles , and really starts to enjoy what she is doing . After 1 whole month of off season , she checked her weight and had lost 15 pounds ! She has really started to slum down . She continues on with her hard training , and then school rolls around and that means so does XC . Senior year . The real deal . Everyone is annoyed that she came back after a very unsuccessful junior year XC season . They notice she really did slim down . Everyone gets lined up to jog ( depending on what they can do ) a few miles . Coach has her run just a mile and she fuses about it and tells the coach she can run more that just that but he just ignores her . She decides to listen to him , because he "knows" best . She is the first one done . Even though she ran less than most everyone , this is still a suprise to the coach , because he sent the longer distance people out sooner that the one mile people out , and plus , he expected she would have walked , he didn't know what to think . The first XC meet what not to succesful , she got 8th on the team out of 10 people . Every race leading up to state she did better and better . Finally at districes everyone's jaw drops when they see the little chubby girl ( used to be ) get 1st place , and not just 1st but way ahead of everyone behind her .
Finally , when she gets to state , she shows off her mad skills and get state champion. Everyone on her team is so surprised , it's almost insulting . She gets a huge plaque to remember this day . She gets excepted into a college to run at . After her season is over , and of course track , she starts trained for a marathon , and her school of course !
If you have any ideas for my story please leave a comment. :)


  1. Love it - I had a similar experience with running! I'm curious as to what your protagonist's name is, and how her experience in XC affected her in other areas of her life, or how her story affected those around her (friends, family, teachers) to do more than they thought they could as well. Keep writing! @AnthroLander

  2. Thank you ! This will help my write my story .
    I'll have each chapter on here so people can read it ! :)