Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I write...?

When I write… I write when I don’t want to talk about something with someone else. I write when I just need to some space, and time alone. I write when I’m bored and it seems to make everything fun. I write when I have a really good idea.

What I write…. I write all different styles. I write happy stories, sad stories, stories about running, and anything else.

Where I write… I mainly write in my room when I want to be alone.

Most of all… Why I write… I write because it helps me get my emotions out with talking about it. I makes me feel happy.


  1. Emily that's so cool! I all so right when I'm bored to. Some times I right songs or right about things that happen that day.

  2. Hi Emily,

    I really enjoyed your post on why you write. I think it's great that you write. I agree with you that writing lets you express your emotions, especially when the character is somewhat similar to you. Writing is such a great thing because you can write about anything, and you can write in any format you want; the possibilities are endless.

    Nice work, and keep writing!