Monday, October 3, 2011

Lemon Juice vs. Water

Problem: Can I use the lemon juice to water my plants and grow the plant better than when I use water?

Background Knowledge: Most people water there plants with water. A lemon is a citrus fruit. The bean is from the Leguminosae family. A bean is a seed.

Hypothesis: I predict the lemon juice will not make a plant grow better than water.
Materials: 2 beans, soil, water, lemon juice, graduated cylinder, 2 cups, ruler, paper, pencil, measuring cup, and scale.

Step 1: Go and get your lab coat and goggles.
Step 2: Put your lab coat and goggles on.
Step 3: Get 2 beans and 2 cups.
Step 4: Put your name on both cups.
Step 5: Take your 2 beans and go weigh them, make sure they are both the same weight, bring them back after.
Step 6: Then take your 2 cups and put and put equally amounts of soil in them.
Step 7: Make a hole half way through the soil in both cups. (bout the width of your pinky.)
Step 8: Then, drop 1 bean in each hole, gently cover the bean with soil.
Step 9: Go get 10 mL of water in a graduated cylinder.
Step 10: Pour the 10 mL of water in 1 of the cups.
Step 11:  Then go get 10 mL of lemon juice in a graduated cylinder.
Step 12: Pour the lemon juice in the other cup that has no water.
Step 13: Rinse the cylinder out and lay it our to dry.
Step 14: Write on the cups which one has lemon juice and which one has water in it.
Step 15: Lay them on the table behind the paper that says 6th hour.

Draw Conclusions: Since plant watered with water grew more than the plant watered with lemon juice, you could conclude that the citrus (or whatever else was in the lemon juice) can keep the bean plant from growing.

Questions to Extend Project: Could a bean plant watered with lemon juice grow faster than salt water? Can using manure make a bean plant grow faster than using regular soil.

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