Thursday, September 1, 2011

Science Experiment Methodology

The Original Methodology
Step 1: Gather your materials.
Step 2: Make observations.
Step 3: Fill each cup with a 1/4 cup of soil.
Step 4: Make a hole, with your finger, (1/2 inch) half way through the soil, on each cup.
Step 5: Put one bean in each hole in the cup. Cover your bean with soil.
Step 6: Put 10 mL of water in one of the cups.
Step 7: In the other cup put 10 mL of lemon juice.
Step 8: Write lemon juice on one Popsicle and water on the other.
Step 9: Gently stick the lemon juice Popsicle stick in the lemon juice cup and the water Popsicle stick in the water cup.
Step 10: Stick both where sunlight is available.
Step 11: Repeat watering the bean plants 10 mL every other day. 10 mL of lemon juice to the lemon juice plant for three weeks.
Step 12: Use the ruler to see which plant is taller.
Step 13: Record data.

Revised Methodology
Step 1: Go and get your lab coat and goggles.
Step 2: Put your lab coat and goggles on.
Step 3: Get 2 beans and 2 cups.
Step 4: Put your name on both cups.
Step 5: Take your 2 beans and go weigh them, make sure they are both the same weight, bring them back after.
Step 6: Then take your 2 cups and put and put equally amounts of soil in them.
Step 7: Make a hole half way through the soil in both cups. (bout the width of your pinky.)
Step 8: Then, drop 1 bean in each hole, gently cover the bean with soil.
Step 9: Go get 10 mL of water in a graduated cylinder.
Step 10: Pour the 10 mL of water in 1 of the cups.
Step 11:  Then go get 10 mL of lemon juice in a graduated cylinder.
Step 12: Pour the lemon juice in the other cup that has no water.
Step 13: Rinse the cylinder out and lay it our to dry.
Step 14: Write on the cups which one has lemon juice and which one has water in it.
Step 15: Lay them on the table behind the paper that says 6th hour.

I had to have a revised copy because I left out a lot of important details, and made it very general.
Next times I write a "Methodology", I will make sure I proof read everything.

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