Thursday, September 22, 2011

Electronic Books

Mr. C has asked us to check out some "Electronic Books" and answer some questions.

  1. Can you use this library outside of school? Explain. Yes you can use this library outside of school if you have a computer at home.
  2. Is using this site legal in regards to copyright? Why or Why not? Yes, because the people that own this site have legal rights on the books.
  3. Identify 2-3 books you might want to read. What makes them something you want to read? I would like to read the books "All Year Long" and/or "Almost To Freedom". They really look like good books.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Copyright Licenses

I chose the copyright licenses below (and above) because I really don't want people using my work to get money. I don't want them copying my stuff and changing and making it there own. And, if they are gonna use it and copy it, I want them to say that it's my work. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Map Of Panama

We were suppose to choose a physical feature of the world, for U.S. History, so I picked an isthmus. I picked the Panama isthmus.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running. :D

My favorite sport is Cross Country....or XC! :D
I don't just do it to stay in shape, I love it because I really enjoy running, and everyone on my team is like a big happy family.[:
Track is alright......but long distance is my thing. The most I have run without stopping is 5 miles. But it takes a lot of practice.
The day before you go to a cross country meet, it is really great to eat a lot of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, etc.) so you can have a lot of energy for the race.
Normally, a Jr. High XC race is 1 1/2 miles, but the high school races are 5K....or 3.14 miles! (like pi. hehe)
I have only ran 2 5K's.
If you don't do any sports but basketball, it's a great idea to join XC, because you will find out that it gets you really in shape and able to run.
Thank you for reading my post! :D

Science Experiment Methodology

The Original Methodology
Step 1: Gather your materials.
Step 2: Make observations.
Step 3: Fill each cup with a 1/4 cup of soil.
Step 4: Make a hole, with your finger, (1/2 inch) half way through the soil, on each cup.
Step 5: Put one bean in each hole in the cup. Cover your bean with soil.
Step 6: Put 10 mL of water in one of the cups.
Step 7: In the other cup put 10 mL of lemon juice.
Step 8: Write lemon juice on one Popsicle and water on the other.
Step 9: Gently stick the lemon juice Popsicle stick in the lemon juice cup and the water Popsicle stick in the water cup.
Step 10: Stick both where sunlight is available.
Step 11: Repeat watering the bean plants 10 mL every other day. 10 mL of lemon juice to the lemon juice plant for three weeks.
Step 12: Use the ruler to see which plant is taller.
Step 13: Record data.

Revised Methodology
Step 1: Go and get your lab coat and goggles.
Step 2: Put your lab coat and goggles on.
Step 3: Get 2 beans and 2 cups.
Step 4: Put your name on both cups.
Step 5: Take your 2 beans and go weigh them, make sure they are both the same weight, bring them back after.
Step 6: Then take your 2 cups and put and put equally amounts of soil in them.
Step 7: Make a hole half way through the soil in both cups. (bout the width of your pinky.)
Step 8: Then, drop 1 bean in each hole, gently cover the bean with soil.
Step 9: Go get 10 mL of water in a graduated cylinder.
Step 10: Pour the 10 mL of water in 1 of the cups.
Step 11:  Then go get 10 mL of lemon juice in a graduated cylinder.
Step 12: Pour the lemon juice in the other cup that has no water.
Step 13: Rinse the cylinder out and lay it our to dry.
Step 14: Write on the cups which one has lemon juice and which one has water in it.
Step 15: Lay them on the table behind the paper that says 6th hour.

I had to have a revised copy because I left out a lot of important details, and made it very general.
Next times I write a "Methodology", I will make sure I proof read everything.