Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety

Stefani's View
                  Alexandria and I are best friends. We've known each other ever since kidergarten, when she let me borrow her crayons. We've gotten in our fights, but never huge ones.
                  We share everything ; clothes, shoes, even our facebook passwords. The different thing is that she is a cheerleader and I ran cross country.
                  One day Alexandria didn't sit with me at school; but with her cheerleading friends and my enemy, Lisa. On Friday night, when Alex was suppose to come over to my house, I figured out she went over to Lisa's house. That night I get a messsage from her on Facebook saying that she doesn't want to be my friend any more, and I should go die because everyone hates. I kept getting these horrible messages like that. I couldn't take it anymore. I mean she's my best friend, and knows everything about me.
                  Before I know it, these thoughts take over and before I can do anything else, I've already grabbed the knive and.....

Alexandria's View
                 I didn't mean for Stefani to kill herself. I really didn't. I've known her all my life. I didn't even send all those messages. It was Lisa.
                 Lisa told me to give her my password so she could do something. I didn't ask her what she doing because I just wanted to make her "happy".
                 I got on and read all the messages Lisa sent Alex.  I quickly call over to her house to tell her what happened. I can here here mom say "Hello." and mumble what happened to Stef in a quiet sob. I throw the phone down and run over to her house. I grab her and collapse to the ground while listening to sirens and people running in the house with a stretcher, as if there is any hope.
               I should've got to Stefani's house, not Lisa.
               I shouldn't have given my password.
              I should've stayed with Stef.
               I cared more popularity than my own bestfriend.
               I now stay away from Lisa........ and Cyberbulling.

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  1. Emily,

    This is really powerful stuff! It definitely is so important to understand that even though it's so easy to write negative notes to people online, it can be so hurtful.

    I think your message really conveys the importance of understanding what words can do to others. You wrote it so well. Thank you for sharing.

    Mr. Avery
    Mr. Avery's Class Blog

  2. Your story was really great I also liked how you have put the point of views. How did you come up with all of this story?

  3. Thank you Mr. Avery and Marlene. :D.
    Marlene- I got the idea from

  4. Thank you Emily for commenting on my blog post! And you did very well on your story it was well written and it felt like something that could happen to myself or anyone.

  5. Emily this is a very good and interesting story. Its very realistic too, I really liked yours.
    It tells what cyber bullying can really do to people. Great story again! :)

  6. OMG!!!
    Did this really happend????
    I hope not.
    Love how it was put together!!!
    from DK

  7. No, but it is likely to happen.
    Thank you very much! :D