Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety

Stefani's View
                  Alexandria and I are best friends. We've known each other ever since kidergarten, when she let me borrow her crayons. We've gotten in our fights, but never huge ones.
                  We share everything ; clothes, shoes, even our facebook passwords. The different thing is that she is a cheerleader and I ran cross country.
                  One day Alexandria didn't sit with me at school; but with her cheerleading friends and my enemy, Lisa. On Friday night, when Alex was suppose to come over to my house, I figured out she went over to Lisa's house. That night I get a messsage from her on Facebook saying that she doesn't want to be my friend any more, and I should go die because everyone hates. I kept getting these horrible messages like that. I couldn't take it anymore. I mean she's my best friend, and knows everything about me.
                  Before I know it, these thoughts take over and before I can do anything else, I've already grabbed the knive and.....

Alexandria's View
                 I didn't mean for Stefani to kill herself. I really didn't. I've known her all my life. I didn't even send all those messages. It was Lisa.
                 Lisa told me to give her my password so she could do something. I didn't ask her what she doing because I just wanted to make her "happy".
                 I got on and read all the messages Lisa sent Alex.  I quickly call over to her house to tell her what happened. I can here here mom say "Hello." and mumble what happened to Stef in a quiet sob. I throw the phone down and run over to her house. I grab her and collapse to the ground while listening to sirens and people running in the house with a stretcher, as if there is any hope.
               I should've got to Stefani's house, not Lisa.
               I shouldn't have given my password.
              I should've stayed with Stef.
               I cared more popularity than my own bestfriend.
               I now stay away from Lisa........ and Cyberbulling.

This story was inspired by the internet safety stories by: